Security Guards and More

Maxama Protection offers professional security services to all groups, individuals, businesses, and levels of government. Security guards, mobile patrols, alarm response, and more. All services are available short-term or long-term. Call right away if you have an emergency.

If it's of interest to you, we can give you proof that our guards are doing their jobs. With our electronic tracking system, you can see every time a guard is at a particular checkpoint or location. Give us a call or email if you'd like details about this incredible level of accountability.

· Are you responsible for the safety of people or property?
· Have theft, vandalism, or other crimes affected your home or business?
· Is it time to invest in the safety of your business, employees, clients, visitors, or family?
· Do you need someone experienced you can trust with your security?
Staff - Service - Technology - Since 1981

Professional Private Security Since 1981

We've been operating in central Ontario since 1981. Our Belleville office serves a wide area along the 401 between Brighton, Trenton, and Napanee, and north to Madoc and Bancroft. Our Peterborough office takes care of western regions.

Since 1981 Our clients range from large industrial facilities and construction sites to schools, retail stores, hotels, municipal governments, as well as cottagers and homeowners.

Some clients only require a few security guards for a special event, while others have multiple locations and require full-time, full-service protection including on-site guards, vehicle patrols, and alarm response. We do it all.

You Can Trust Our Experience

Whatever business you're in, or whatever your situation is, we've probably helped someone just like you. You can feel comfortable calling us to talk, we're ready to help.

Security guards
Bylaw enforcement & ticketing
Loss prevention
Mobile patrols
Alarm response for business, home, cottage
House checks during vacations
Patrol team in marked cars 24/7
Security guard training course

Map of our coverage area

Maxama's Belleville region includes the Quinte area along the 401 between Brighton, Trenton, and Napanee, and north to Marmora, Madoc, Tweed, and Bancroft. Contact our Peterborough office for service in other areas.